GNSS-Lab Tool (gLAB)

gLAB is a software tool suite developed under an European Space Agency (ESA) Contract by the research group of Astronomy and Geomatics (gAGE) from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), is an interactive educational multipurpose package to process and analyse GNSS data.

gLAB performs precise modeling of GNSS observables (pseudorange and carrier phase) at the centimetre level, allowing both standalone GPS positioning and PPP. Every single error contributor may be assessed independently, which, in turn, provides a major educational benefit. gLAB is adapted to a variety of standard formats like RINEX-3.00, SP3, ANTEX and SINEX files, among others. Moreover, functionality is also included for GPS, Galileo and GLONASS, allowing performing some data analysis with real multi-constellation data.

The gLAB software tool is quite flexible, able to run under Linux and Windows operating systems and is provided free of charge by ESA Education Office  to universities and GNSS professionals:


gLAB credits

If you feel it is appropriate, you may consider paying us back by citing the gLAB article:

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When papers containing results or illustrations obtained using gLAB are being published.