Patents Summary

  • Wide Area Real-Time Kinematics with 3 frequencies (WARTK -3). Associated Patents: ESA Patent No. 02 12627, B R0317446 [Port.], 2849209(A1) [FR], 1576387(A2) [UK, North Ireland] 2004/057364 2004/057364  [UK, North Ireland], 1726406 [China], 7256730 [USA], 4230458 [JP], RU2318222C2 [Russian Federation], 235592 [India]. Inventors: M. Hernandez-Pajares, J.M. Juan, J. Sanz (gAGE), A. García (ESA), 2002.
  • Fast Precise Point Positioning (FPPP ): International patent application filled PCT/EP2011/001512 (ESA ref.: ESA/PAT/566). Inventors: M. Hernandez -Pajares, J.M. Juan, J. Sanz (gAGE), J. Samson, M. Tossaint (ESA) , 2011.
  • Very Precise Ionospheric Corrections Determination for Satellite Electronic Navigation Procedure. Assoc. Patent: N.9902585: M.Hernandez -Pajares, J.M. Juan, J. Sanz (gAGE/UPC).
  • Correction procedure of Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances in satellite based navigation and in GNSS receiver positioning. Associated Patent: N. P200602498. Inventors: M. Hernandez -Pajares, J.M. Juan, J. Sanz (gAGE/UPC), 2006.
  • Procedure of Autonomous Determination of GNSS Receiver Orientation with a single antenna, using its Ionospheric Information. Associated Patent N. P200402947. Inventors: M. Hernandez -Pajares, J.M. Juan, J. Sanz (gAGE/UPC). 2004.